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Youth Ministry

Our Mission is to create and atmosphere for youth and young adults to want to be part of our Christian family through spirituality, service and social activities.

Explore the links listed below Youth Ministry to learn more about some of the great opportunities available for our youth.

Some recent activities are also listed below:

Congratulations to our 5th Grade, First communion class.
Students, their families, and special loved ones were able to celebrate this sacrament with joy as they were able to commune together for the first time. They were asked to participate in the service they normally attend and it was a blessing to have them participate in both services.
If you see Ela, Peyton, Laila, TJ, Shelby, Olivia, Elliot, Drew, Nickolas, Carli, and Chase, let’s congratulate and welcome them.









OTW (On The Way) meets Sunday nights for kids in 9-12th grade. On the 16th the students put together a devotion that walked through what happened during Holy Week. The students split up into small groups where they were given one of the days from Holy Week. In their group they did a devotion regarding their day, with an object that represented that day. Once all groups had completed their devotion, they met together as a whole group in which they discussed their object and how it represented their day of the week. These kids did AWESOME, it was truly one of the best weeks they have had for devotions.


As we lead up to Easter, the Sunday school children were able to participate in what took place during Holy Week. The students were able to share together in the Last Supper.  This was our first time with this event and we look forward to next year! Enjoy a few pictures from that day.